27 June 2011

As most of you know Trox and I are back in the states. I wanted to come "home" and so we decided to leave Bunyip in storage and come back to the states for a year. We will return to Australia next May or June and continue our travels. Our final trip ended in the Adelaide area. We had to return to Melbourne to fly to the states so we took the train after dropping Bunyip off at his temporary home. When we return we hope to go up the center of Australia to the Darwin area (through Alice Springs and via Ayers Rock) and then west to the coast and southward to Perth. I'm thinking that will take about 4 months ending in Perth when the wild flowers will be spectacular. From there who knows. As you can see from the following maps we really only scratched the surface to this huge beautiful country. We did about 10,000 miles during the 9 months we were there. The next trip will be way more than 10,000 because of the huges distances from north to south but will not take as long as there isn't much to see or do in the inland areas. So this is goodby on this blog until next year when we return. I will let you all know when we head back down under.
The final trip in South Australia
As you can see we didn't
even scratch the surface

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