03 June 2011

Where should we go next?

2 June
We made it to Carol and Robin's on Monday the 30th. They have a wonderful place. About 105 acres with beautiful views of the Myponga reservoit to one direction and Bay St. Vincent to the other. There home is very nice and they have updated a 150 year-old cottage into a guest's quarters. Carol is a fantastic hostess and exceptional cook. Tuesday Trox made a ride around the area and I went into town with Carol.
spotted in front of Carol and Robin's
Yesterday we all went in together and saw the house they are building in the city and then up to the top of Mount Lofty where Adelaide stretched out below us. There we did a short walk and then drove to Hahndorf where we played tourists walking along the Main Street window shopping.

Today Trox and I are making a short excursion back along the coast to see some things we missed but will return to C and R's for the night. We don't know for sure how long we will stay with C and R and are not sure what we will do when we leave here - head north? west? or east? Not south - that is for sure.

3 June
Our excursion yesterday started at Second Valley where the geology is amazing. The rocks actually resemble beautifully grained wood.
walking along beautiful cliffs
One of the coves at Second Valley
rock? wood?
From Second Valley we went into Victor Harbor and walked out to Granite Island. You can either walk the 700 meter jetty from the mainland to the island or you can take a horse drawn tram. We elected to walk both ways but the tram looked like fun.
the tram
a covey of quail spotted on the island
Umbrella rock - one of the many granite formations
walking back along the jetty

Catching up:
On the way to Carol and Roger's after crossing the Murray we stopped at Middleton to watch the surfers. The water had an algae because of all the fresh water the Murray has dumped in the sea this year. It made the water look muddy.
surfers heading out to the "muddy" water
riding the waves
Kind of weird watching big brown ugly waves roll in on the sea. We spent the night at Rapid Bay which was very isolated and a beautiful place to be. Rapid Bay is supposed to be great for jetty scuba diving and the home of Leafy Sea Dragons.
the jetty at Rapid Bay
Rapid Bay
The campground wasn't very crowded
Monarch butterflies all over
When leaving Rapid Bay the next morning we worked our way south to Port Jervis where there is a ferry that runs to Kangaroo Island and a big wind farm. We were able to get upclose and personal with one of the windmills before heading back north to Carol and Robins.
up close and personal with a windmill
bunyip at a lookout
the damn wall right before Carol and Robin's

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