14 June 2011

Decision Reached

10 June 2011
A consensus has been reached; plans have been made; tickets purchased; and logistics figured. In other words - we know our next destination. In the meantime we have made a number of day trips from Carol and Robin's and are now out for four days or so traveling the Yorke Peninsula.

12 June 2012
Before leaving for the Yorke Peninsula we made some day trips. One was to Hallett Cove north of Carol and Robin's. There are kilometers of boardwalk there along the cliffs above the shoreline in and around some pretty amazing geological formations. We spent a number of hours walking around looking at the rocks and the sea and the birds. Boardwalk makes for very easy walking even when having to go up and down.
Glacier waters melting and freezing
along with erosion make for spectacular formations
known as the sugar loaf
we had been watching this raptor
for awhile when he took off
the boardwalks go on forever
We also went to Willunga where I explored the town and walked part of the rail trail and Trox made a 55k ride along the same trail. We also checked out Myponga Beach - the closest one to Carol and Robin's.

Myponga Beach
On Yorke Peninsula we stopped at a caravan park the first night in Port Victoria. An orange tom was working all the people looking for suckers and handouts.

Finished my milk now wondering
if you have anything interesting
May I come in?
Oh, this is an exciting place to explore!
We stopped for lunch a little further down the peninsula where we were able to watch the birds and walk the beach.
This guy was sitting on the light pole
The gulls kept harassing him but he wouldn't leave
We went on down to the tip of the Peninsula for the second night where we stayed in the Innes National Park at the Pondalowie Well Campground where we were the only campers. Next day we hiked out to one of the light houses in the park.
the scalloped cliff edges were cool
this light house is stainless steel!
360 degree view near lighthouse
the water was amazingly clear
the wind and water can make wonderful rock formations
We spent last night at Hillocks Drive camp area way up on a bluff. Hillocks Drive is an old homestead with about 15 kilometers of water front that has been fenced off to control access. We were in a camp area with no one else in sight with wonderful views.
View from our back window of Hillocks Drive
Bunyip at Hillocks Drive
Tonight we are in a caravan park in Port Wakefield. Tomorrow will find us once more at Carol and Robin's where we will stay one night and then on the 14th we start the next phase of our trip.

That brings me full circle to our decision, plans, etc. We leave on an airplane the 14th for Melbourne and then on the 18th we head back to the U.S. where we will arrive in New Mexico on the 18th. Bunyip is going to stay at a very nice storage facility where they will plug him in once a week or so and start him every fortnight. He will await our return next May when we will head north towards Darwin through Alice Springs via Ayers rock.

And so this blog comes to a close with just one more update to let you know we have arrived stateside safely. Thanks for following us and keeping in touch.


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