27 October 2010

Bunyip has arrived

We picked up Bunyip last Friday and have been busy getting him ready ever since (it is now Wednesday). He needed to be cleaned - inside and out - and we took out a cupboard so we would have room for the new oven (microwave/convection/broiler combo). Also took air conditioner apart to clean and insulate. Next BIG thing is to figure out why the fresh water tank leaks and get it repaired or replaced. After that we should be just about ready to HIT THE ROAD!

Yesterday we went to "motor vehicles" - here they call it "Vic Roads". Man, was I IMPRESSED! They were efficient, friendly, courteous, and FAST! Overall a great experience. So, now, Bunyip is officially ours! Only thing I didn't get was a personalized plate. You can not only get personal plates here but personal colors! I wanted a personal plate in hot pink with "Bunyip" on it. First of all the color was 250 extra and then the "Bunyip" letters (if available) was an extra 225. Not worth it - oh, well!

While driving all over town we happened to spot this little guy on a tree next to a stop sign just outside my window. He's a Rainbow Lorikeet. They are all over and very noisy.

We took some time off from working on Bunyip the other day and made an excursion to the Botantical Gardens. Spotted some little birds (Willy Wag Tails) attacking a a big black bird (Little Raven). Managed to get this video of it. Ends up that the little guys are known for attacking/harassing other black birds.

Pair of courting Black Swans
Dusky Moorhen
Also visited the "Shrine of Remembrance" which is dedicated to all the wars that the state of Victoria has participated in - most if not all. Very nice memorial.
Outside the shrine
World War I

19 October 2010

Another quest - this one for birds and flowers

The Units (that's us!) have been seeking birds and flowers!
We spent a few days exploring the Dandenong Ranges just outside Melbourne. The first day we were able to find more flowers than birds and the second day we found lots of flowers but also lots of birds. The first day we went to the National Rhododendron Gardens - remember it is spring time here. It was a very rainy cold day but the flowers were gorgeous!
Spring time - so lots of baby ducks!
Unbelievably beautiful setting!
You can purchase feed to give to the wild birds and we happened to come up on somebody doing just that and he was surrounded with Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.
Aren't I the pretty one!
We also saw Rosellas and more Rosies and lots we weren't able to identify.
Juvenile Rosella
Galahs (Rosies)
The main two birds we were in search of were the Kookabura and the Lyrebird. We did find the Kookabura but we are still searching for the Lyrebird.
Laughing Kookabura
The noise in the woods was pretty fantastic. Take a listen if you want. The first recording is mostly song birds with some cockatoos in the back ground. The second one is primarily cockatoos. THEY are noisy! A blend of bird voices and Some noisy Cockatoos

The second day we went to a different garden which was much smaller but just as magnificent!
Progress on the Bunyip continues and hopefully we will be able to pick him up this week sometime.

14 October 2010

We have a new bouncy boy!

WELLLLL, new to us. And not really a boy. But definitely bouncy - it's a truck after all - and definitely a male - to call this truck female would be an insult all around. We had it checked out by a mechanic and talked to the guy who redid the inside a few years back and talked to "our" banker and think all is set. We made a down payment today and the current owner has "taken it off the market".
The Bunyip
It isn't as big as I had hoped for but with the narrow streets in the cities it is plenty big. It has an over-the-cab bed so we can leave it made and it has work space in the kitchen and it has a potty. Those were my requirements. It is a Mitsubishi Canter 1996 with a Winnebago "house".
the overhead bed
3-burner stove to the left, sink to the right
with over head light, exhaust fan, and microwave
The Loo
The living area - we are going to do a few mods here
I have named him "Bunyip".

If anyone knows anyone who wants to travel Australia in an RV we will be selling this in a year - fully equipped with dishes, grill, bedding, etc. etc.. We would be willing to meet the buyer at the airport. Oh, yes, it has a really nice awning.

12 October 2010


We went for our first Bushwalk (that's a walk in the woods) the other day and Trox went for a ride afterwards. This was all in the You Yangs.

Field spotted on the way into the You Yangs
The big rock is in the background
The birds all day long were unbelievable - colors are wonderful and the SOUND! Unfortunately they are very difficult to photograph although just before dark I did manage to get some pics of a few Cockatoos.
A pair of cockatoos
Driving out of the park about dusk we spotted a wallaby!!!! The name Wallaby, from what I can figure, is given to any small kangaroo. This guy was really "cute" and only about 2 to 3 feet high (a full sized roo is about 6 feet). He was a real dark gray color.
He was as interested in us as we were in him
And on to our other news. We have FOUND an RV! and are in the process of buying it. I will post more pics once he is ours.