17 May 2011

7 May
We left Apollo Bay this morning heading west. On the road to Cape Otway we finally saw our first Koalas! Just like in the U.S. all the vehicles were steopped to take pictures so we stopped also! Trox got some great pics - especially after the majority of the people left.
This one was asleep the whole while
Those claws look deadly!
They strip the trees so bad they look dead
this one looked just like my stuffed one
They move REAL slow
8 May
After watching Koalas for awhile we went on down to the campground. The campground was at Blanket Bay and was very nice but wet and unfortunately the weather has turned cold. Everything was green and lush and there were lots of birds.
These wrens are very common but
I never get tired of their
bright blue color
this guy kept fanning his tail
view from our kitchen window
lush hills around Blanket Bay
Bunyip surrounded by green
This morning we got up and drove to the Cape Otway lighthouse where we fixed breakfast and muttered about the tourist trap we found at the lighthouse. Trox was able to get close enough to get a camera shot but to get close you have to pay a high entry fee - NOT!
Cape Otway Lighthouse
12 May 2011
WILL IT NEVER STOP RAINING???? It has been COLD & WET! Reminds me of Sacramento in the winter! YUCK! It actually looks like tomorrow may be our last wet day for awhile. After leaving Blanket Bay and Cape Otway we worked our way to Johanna Beach where we stayed for a two nights. Trox made a ride one afternoon that was way longer than he expected and he ended up getting home way past his curfew. Johanna was also wet and cold but we were able to run the generator enough to keep Bunyip warm. From there we headed on down the coast and visited the tourist places along the coast such as the 12 apostles and London Bridge and Razorback and the wreck of the Loch Ard. This section of the coast is really nice but there were way too many people.
too many people
a few of the Apostles
the beach where the two survivors
of the Lock Ard washed up on shore
yes, it was cold
that's what the hat and mittens are for!
The Razorback
The London Bridge
On one of his rides Trox came across a little white cabin in the middle of no where with a mob of Roos around and about.
Along a ride
Greg & Jacques from while we were in Melbourne
When we got to Warrnabool we restocked for our final day in Victoria and our run into South Australia. A few hours later we found out we can't take the fresh fruit and vegetables into SA! Damn! Soooooo, we are currently staying at a really nice Bush type caravan park in Nelson Victoria just a few kilometers from South Australia. We spent much of the day making vege spaghetti sauce and stew with all the fresh veges we had. We are now vegeless and have eaten all the fruit so tomorrow we will enter South Australia.
For all our "trips" I have started and ended in Melbourne but have decided to end this one at the state line between Victoria and South Australia. There is a possibility (although slim) that we might not return to Melbourne and actually a fairly high possibility that when we do it will be without Bunyip. So as we pull out tomorrow we will be starting trip 6 and entering South Australia.
And that ends Trip 5
Just a little side note. As many of you know I am an avid reader and while on this trip believe me I have not given that little vice up. But buying books here is astronomically expensive (even second hand) and carrying enough from the states to last a year would have been impossible. A few years ago Trox got me a Kindle and that is what allowed me to bring lots of books and to replensish my supply at US prices. If you aren't familiar with kindles check amazon.com and search for kindle. You'll find out much more that you ever wanted to know. BUT the reason for the note is to plug a friend's new book. Heads up on this Pea and Michael! Doug Roberts was a coworker at LANL (and responsible for many of us knowing what was REALLY going on through his blog on the mess at LANL) and he has published his first book. I just finished reading it and it is well worth while. Very interesting and well written. Even if you aren't a science fiction fan give this one a try. It has lots of social commentary in it and if you know Doug you will be able to "hear" his humor in many of the situations. The book is called Second Cousins and is only available electronically (which makes my kindle very happy) through Amazon.com. The ending was funny, sad, and expected (given human nature) - I just hope they remembered to pack some hatch chilli plants! I'm looking forward to the sequel.

13 May
Trip 6 has started and we have entered South Australia (SA). The weather man keeps promising the rain will stop "soon". Supposedly we are only about 5 hours from Wellington which is the town Carol said to contact her from. Hmmmmm 5 hours - take us 5 weeks - maybe.

14 May
Trip 6 is well under way AND it looks like MAYBE the sun will shine tomorrow. Today was actually warm with no rain but no sunshine either. The first day of Trip 6 we stopped in Mt. Gambier to resupply our fruits and vegetables and to get "oriented" to South Australia at the great visitor center there. We were told to be sure to see Blue Lake while in town so we headed up there to check it out. There are actually two small lakes right in the middle of town which are crater lakes (i.e. water filled volcanic craters) and supply much of the city's drinking water. Blue lake is the bluer of the lakes and is really a gorgeous color. You can drive all the way around the lake and there are walking and biking trails in the park area that surrounds the lakes.
Blue Lake in Mt. Gambier SA
now wouldn't that be a nice place to live?
doing pushups at Blue Lake
After leaving Mt. Gambier we headed up the Limestone Coast to Southend. We are currently staying on one end of town which this time of year is a sleepy little fishing village but is obviously very busy during the holiday seasons (summer mostly). We are the only ones in the campground and are right on the beach. This is our second night here. Trox got a ride today and I got a great walk. We actually met up while I was on my way to a lookout and he was on his way back so he went back with me and did a hike-a-bike with me while I finished my walk. Our plan is to head out of here tomorrow morning and go up the coast a ways - maybe a few kilometers.
Rainbow Rocks from the lookout
a view near another lookout
trail meanders above these cliffs
enjoying the view from the lookout
16 May
Last night we stayed just south of Robe in the Little Dip Conservation Park. We were all alone in the campground with the exception of wombats! Between the two of us we saw about a dozen. Trox got a ride but most of it was hike-a-bike because the sand was so deep and soft. I took a walk searching for wombats and the only one I saw was right near Bunyip on my way back home. No pictures because it was too dark.
the weather man promised blue sky!
Welllll? NOPE!
Doesn't count!
Tom Mc! these are for you!
this coast line is very fragile
but beautiful
with lots of warning to stay clear of cliffs!
Today we are in Robe - another sleepy little tourist town on the coast. Like other tourist towns it is only sleepy because of the season. We made all the mandatory stops once we got to town - butcher, baker, library. I called Carol and got a little more info on getting to her place.
more coast line
there are lots of colors

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